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Baby: My First Toys

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TickiT Beechwood Ball 50mm
The word heuristic derives from the Greek word “eurisko” meaning “I discover” and describes an intuitive way of meeting challenges and solving problems.
TickiT 7 Rainbow Wooden Eggs
Beautiful smooth solid beechwood eggs in the seven colours of the rainbow, with a natural finish to show the grain of the wood.
TickiT 7 Rainbow Wooden Balls
Beautiful smooth solid beechwood balls in the seven colours of the rainbow, with a natural finish to show the grain of the wood.
Ocamora Rainbow Cubes and Houses
Open ended play at its finest, Ocamora create beautifully handcrafted toys to inspire children's play.
TickiT Colourful Rainbow Stacker
Smooth wooden stacker in bright colours comprising 7 stacking pieces on a rounded base which provides an entertaining wobbly element.
£11.95 £8.95
TickiT Wooden Sound Prisms
Beautiful hardwood triangular prisms, identifiable by colour coded musical notes. The musical note logo only appears on one end of the block so they can be turned upside-down to test the user’s discriminatory skills.
TickiT 56mm Beechwood Rings
This set contains ten smooth beech wood rings perfect for Heuristic play
TickiT Wooden Ring Stand
A single large smooth beech wood ring stand base, ideal for heuristic play and exploration.
TickiT Easy Hold Plane Mirror
Hand held acrylic mirror for self-reflection, for collaborative group play and role play. Housed in a solid rubberwood outer, it is both extremely strong and easy to hold and manipulate by youngsters.
Tegu Magnetic Orange Racer
These magnetic racers have got the need for speed!
Tegu Swivel Bug Red
Twist & Pull this Swivel Bug to experience the magic of magnets! Turn the wings and then flip them back into place to hear the magnets “click!” together. Experiment with Elastic Tension!
Gluckskafer Wooden Bird Stacker
A lovely twist on the traditional stacking toy. Six colourful wooden birds of decreasing size stack onto the base. The birds make sweet toys themselves and children can experiment with all sorts of balancing and stacking formations.
£30.95 £28.95
Gluckskafer Quadrat Construction Kit
Endless construction adventures await your young builder. This tray of brightly colored blocks is lovingly handcrafted from sustainable woodland and dyed with colour-safe paint.
£22.75 £19.95
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