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Rainbow Rice
A sensory, mess-free addition for tuff spots, mixing games and, well, just because it's so pretty!
It's quick and simple to make plus it lasts ages.

I often check out fun crafty activities on-line and either fail at them, (because they are actually incredibly difficult) or never bother beginning them as I need a small remortgage and half the contents of a craft shop to pull it off.
Not with rainbow rice though!

All it takes are;
Zip lock bags (essential!!!)
Any trays you own which can be used for drying (takeout ones are perfect since they come with lids)
Paint (I used normal kids paint in squirty bottles)
And the mystery ingredient... RICE!
(long grain is the best, but bargain value rice works fine)

Pour uncooked rice into zip lock bags (as many bags as colours of paint you are using) - no exact quantities, just as much as you want to add.
I would say 1kg of rice would comfortably make you 5 colours.
Squirt a different colour of paint on top of the rice in each bag. (Do this one by one though, don't do as I did and try be a wizard and make 4 lots of rice in ten-seconds).
Again no quantity, but I found two squirts of my paint provided sufficient coverage, you can always add more if coverage is not good.
Squash the air out of the bag and zip up.
Now rub rice inside the bag to coat with the paint, this takes about twenty seconds and is so much fun you might want to let the kids do it (or do it yourself, seriously, it's great fun).
Once the rice is fully coated and free moving (not in one stodge), open the bag and pour / splodge the rice into your tray/ container and leave the lid off so it can dry.
Repeat with all the other bags one by one.
Depending on the paint, the rice should have dried in around 1-2 hours, but if still wet leave overnight.
The rice will then last in lidded storage tubs for a very, very long time.

One thing I noticed was that my blue rice turned out the best and my yellow rice was the least perfect and kept globbing together, I think the yellow paint is a bit watery compared to the others. Once dried I just mixed the rice in the tubs up again, but the coverage isn't as good on the yellow tub as the others, probably because it's a lighter colour. It's also the most likely to get confused as food, so personally I wouldn't use yellow again!

Have fun!

Posted by Holly on 22 May 2017 12:57
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