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Heuristic Play

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Tickit Wooden Hand Lens
Plastic lens with 2x magnification plus inset lens with 3x magnification. An excellent aid to observation.
TickiT Sensory Reflective Silver Balls
Robustly constructed from hard wearing stainless steel, these beautiful smooth tactile balls provide a stretched version of reality that is distorted like a fish-eye lens giving children a fascinating view of themselves and the world.
£24.95 £19.95
TickiT Sensory Glitter Storm
Our highly attractive crystal clear sensory liquid sets contain colourful mineral oil and water in a range of designs. When turned upside down they provide a variety of ways for the droplets to fall or rise.
TickiT Wooden Claves Musical Instrument
Claves make a bright clicking sound when one is tapped against the other.
TickiT Wooden Sound Prisms
Beautiful hardwood triangular prisms, identifiable by colour coded musical notes. The musical note logo only appears on one end of the block so they can be turned upside-down to test the user’s discriminatory skills.
Edx Hardwood Geometric Solids
Beautiful smooth wooden geometric solids set.
£17.95 £14.95
TickiT Habutae Rainbow Fabric
1-metre lengths of fabric in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
TickiT 56mm Beechwood Rings
This set contains ten smooth beech wood rings perfect for Heuristic play
TickiT Wooden Ring Stand
A single large smooth beech wood ring stand base, ideal for heuristic play and exploration.
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